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Please allow us to edit[bewerken]

- Merge template is missing - Temple to dispute a page is missing - Pages cannot be deleted - The entire seksualiteit category can be scrapped and reduced with one article with additional links to the regular wikipedia page. No need to mirror it here. --Pegla

You don't need templates to dispute a page. Just put a note at the top. Nor do you need special rights to merge - if you can edit it, you can replace it with #REDIRECT [[Whatever article]] and put the edited contents into that article. You do need special rights to delete, because that prevents others from changing what you have done unless they also have those rights. If you encounter pages which are actually protected from editing, please bring them up with the editor who protected them.
Also, to sign your name on discussion pages, you can use four tildes (~~~~, like this:) GreenReaper 25 apr 2010 02:58 (UTC)